Common Users

Use RADR in Currency exchange, payment and transfer

Easy transferForeign currency exchangeCross-border payment receipt

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Collect RADR payments on a global scale, with no limitation of currencies and locations

Convenient paymentMembership managementValue-added potential

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Market makers

Gain profits through exchange spread by setting up exchange channels between gateways

The exchange spread bidding lowers the cost of remittancesIncrease liquidityCurrency swap proceeds

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Gateway, financial institutions

RADR system optimizes payment function and improves customer service quality

Connect to RADR networkIssue assetsRole of BanksBilateral clearing of real-time funding

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Build on the world's first protocol for value exchange

RADAR is a ripple-protocol-based financial network to promote and develop the fastest and least expensive payment settlements systems on a global scale. It enables payments in all types of currency as easy as sending email.

RADAR is similar to Bitcoin in that it enables users across the network to make P2P transaction but with the benefit that it is currency neutral for real-time clearing and settlement through a series of currency issuers called gateways. This greatly reduces the time needed for transaction clearing including the costs of bank wire transfer.

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