In fact, finance is simple.

As one kind of the internet financial instruments, RADR help users make simple, swift and low cost payment, transfer and global currency exchange

Common Users

Use RADR in Currency exchange、payment and transfer

Easy transfer

Foreign currency exchange

Cross-border payment receipt

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Collect RADR payments on a global scale, with no limitation of currencies and locations

Convenient payment

Membership management

Value-added potential

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Market makers

Gain profits through exchange spread by setting up exchange channels between gateways

The exchange spread bidding lowers the cost of remittances

Increase liquidity

Currency exchange swap proceeds

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Gateway、financial institutions

RADR system optimizes payment function and improves customer service quality

Connect to RADR network

Issue assets

Role of Banks

Bilateral clearing of real-time funding

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Developer Docs

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  • Seize the opportunity
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