We opened the source of Radar2.0!
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Individuals Send Money to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime in any currency. Payments clear in seconds. Transfer money to anyone on the internet. Hold, send, trade and receive any currency.
Merchants Payments clear in seconds. No fees to receive payments. Neither chargebacks nor fraud.
Trader Built on P2P principles. Being a part of a complete payment system. Send and receive money without any fees.
Market Makers Peer-to peer trading on a global marketplace. No fees for exchange, network or broker. Create liquidity. Make money.

Payment Network

A network of financial accounts that makes transactions easy for users or businesses.

The Radar protocol runs on a network of computer servers around the world. The Radar network uses Radar’s mathematical algorithm to verify the accuracy of financial transactions.

Distributed Exchange

An automated system for currency trades, which makes cross-currency payments possible.

Radar makes it possible to exchange currencies at no extra charge. This makes international commerce easier and more profitable.

Currency (RADAR)

A currency built into Radar, which holds value and also plays an important role in the security of the network.

By creating a shared protocol for money, Radar makes transactions among independent businesses easier, which reduces friction and inefficiency in the financial system.

Feb 28, 2015

Radar Laboratory releases the Developer Zone

After the radard and radarj project have been developed successively, an exclusive division ( for the developers is further opened by Radar to better help the developers in the utilization of Radar network.
At present, this exclusive division for the developers provides documents, including API interface file offered by radard---the core network of Radar; detailed transaction file kept in Radar network; how to construct a reliable submission of transactions; gateway construction guidelines; WebSocket API online testing application, which aims at helping the developers better understand Radar API.
In order to help the developers to the largest extent, each API offers reference in the format of WebSocket, JSON and CLI, and reference in the format of return data. In the meanwhile, it also interprets each parameter in details. It is worth mentioning that this file is based on an “interactive” system which makes it possible to submit a request to the server directly inside the file, and acquire a feedback. In other words, the development file itself is a debugging tool.
In light of these files, the developers can already establish their own applications on the basis of Radar network. In the future, Radar will further provide and simplify relevant development files, and construct exclusive divisions for development. It is hoped that the development of Radar network-based payment can become simpler, so that more developers can enjoy payment service at a lower cost.

Feb 23, 2015

Radar Business Plan for 2015

Radar technology has recently matured to include all the core functions of the Ripple protocol (RTXP). In 2015 we plan to expand on the technology continue to optimize the crypto currency platform.
We have also examined the competitive landscape and only Ripple Labs has built a large consensus network with wide ranging market acceptance but its market cap is still really small. For example, the number of Ripple accounts is only 1/8 of Radar's, which shows that Ripple Labs main focus on technology development and not for wide adoption.
We will utilize Ripple's open-source technology to grow the market. Our main focus is the currency market and the point of our social currency, is to better expand the distribution of the currency and then the larger market of payment system.
In 2014, we focused on the promotion of the social currency, which is quite a success. however the marketing promotion is not enough to insure long term gains and we realize that we must provide more valuable services in order to continue gaining market share.

Therefore in 2015 we plan to promote the core values of the Radar system to the world that it enables the "frictionless movement of currency". The technology is ready now, but we still need to connect to global financial institutions to achieve the core value of moving currency smoothly. So our business goal for 2015 is to establish business organizations in all the major countries as Radar gateways. By doing so, we can effectively achieve "frictionless movement of currency".

In 2015 our primary goal will be to allow users in major countries to transfer funds and payment all over the world easily, quickly and effectively.
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Feb 14, 2015

BKA International( will first accept the BKA payment!

As one of the BKA Association members, BKA International( will be the first one who accepts the BKA payment. This new funciton is expected to officially launched on Feb 16th. Many other BKA Association members will also join in the RTXP protocol.

Feb 13, 2015

BKA Association recently announced that it will support RTXP agreement payments

BKA Association recently announced that it will support RTXP agreement payments. RADAR laboratory will usher in another large-scale Gateway User-BKA. RTXP protocols is a one of a kind innovation in the financial sector that will usher in a huge development.

Feb 12, 2015

RADAR official open source Java client

RADAR - base on Ripple Principle of RTXP agreement financial network products. Promote the development of global finance, low-cost payment, payment clearing systems and security. It support all types of currency, making payment as easy and convenient like sending E-mail by the use of Internet.
February 12, RADAR official open source Java client: https: // The project includes several modules:

1. Radar-lib:
Radar-client-base-module that contains the basic encryption, signature, network communications and other components. One of the test assembly. Demonstration on how to initiate a transaction and wait for the result to confirm, the pending order (offer), add a relationship, set up a trust, check account, transaction and other information.

2. Radar-info-web:
The use of radar-lib achieve real-time data browsing interface Radar Network. External address: https: //

3. Bouncycastle
Open-source version of Java encryption, decryption and digital signature kit.
Java client enables the developers to easily interact through Websocket with radar server inter-process communication, call open interface, gain the ability to achieve a strong Radar Network. Developers can achieve a variety of client needs and imagination in the payment system, forex systems, crypto-currency, exchange, market makers and other areas!

Feb 12, 2015

Increasing large-scale and reliable platform are now joiningthe Radar Gateway!

Radar gateway hook a wide-range of attention and praise after it launched. Numerous large-scale platform are added to the gateway application. The main and existing partners are:
USD Gateway URL: - One of the world's leading RADAR Trading Platform. It has a wide popularity and excellent reputation in the global digital currency users.
CNY Gateway URL: - RADAR Trading Platform in Chinese market. The first and for most Trading Platform. Has grown into the greatest virtual currency Trading Platform in Chinese Market.
HKD Gateway URL: - A RADAR Trading Platform base on a large casino in Macau. It has a vigorous development in the Entertainment City.
RUB Gateway URL: - Russia's RADAR Trading Platform. Established in 2014 and the most trusted and very reliable virtual currency Trading Platform for the Russian players.
BTC Gateway URL: - The Bitcoin (BTC) Gateway Platform. Operates for more than a year with a professional financial and technical team.
In addition to above lists of Gateway Platform, there are still numerous large-scale Gateway that will be added!

Feb 08, 2015

The new version of Radar wallet including trade function have formally launched!

With the Radar Lab Engineers 's hard work ,the new Radar wallet have formally launched! The new wallet main include the 3 new functions.
1:Gateway function based on the RTXP protocol. Users can build Gateways which are the same with Ripple gateway in the new wallet.
2:Currency exchange function. Users only need to trust each corresponding gateway,then they can exchange the currency they want .
3:Safer protective measures. The new system enable the HTTPS protocol,More secure Measure to protect the user's private key .
The new trade platform URL: click here to read.
Radar WIKI URL: click here to read
Help Document: click here to read

Jan 08, 2015

Radar system will be updated on January 10 2015.

In order to improve the security of the Radar system,Radar system will be updated on January 10 2015. We will spent about 8 hours to do this work.The network transfer function will be suspended within the upgrade time.The VpalWallet will be officially remaned Radar system after the upgrade.The API interface will also be upgraded.Please get the latest detail API info from the official website .

Dec 09, 2014

The wallet address with an amount of VBC more than one will only can produce promotion income.

Given the existence of the part garbage data in the vpal system, we decide only the wallet address with an amount of VBC more than one can produce promotion income.